Seminar “Use of agricultural waste in bioenergy”
Period 2014
Financing Joint Research Centre | European Commission
Services Organization of Seminars
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

The seminar “Use of agricultural waste in bioenergy” was organized in Kiev on September 25-26, 2014 by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission in cooperation with the Biomass Scientific and Technical Center, the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and Task 43 “Bioenergy” of the International Energy Agency .

The workshop was part of the JRC’s Expansion and Integration program with neighboring countries. Under this program, the Joint Research Center is developing scientific and technical cooperation with countries outside the EU (research organizations, government, national laboratories and scientists). The aim of the program is to facilitate scientific and technological exchange.

This seminar was aimed at strengthening international cooperation in the field of bioenergy and was focused on Ukraine and Europe (European Union, new member states, candidate countries, Neighboring countries), especially regarding the use of agricultural waste for bioenergy. It was organized by the JRC Institute of Energy and Transport as part of the REMM (mapping and monitoring of renewable energy) program.

Seminar presentations (according to the program), photos, and other materials of this event are available on the JRC website.