Seminar “Cooperation in the field of bioenergy Ukraine – Netherlands” 2016
Period 2016
Financing Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Services Organization of Seminars
Sector Biogas and biomethane Electricity from biomass and CHP Energy efficiency Liquid biofuels Heat energy from biomass
Location Kyiv, Ukraine

On September 21, 2016 the seminar “Cooperation in the field of bioenergy Ukraine – Netherlands” was held. The purpose of the seminar was to use biomass in district heating.

Ukraine faces serious energy problems and biomass can make a significant contribution to the production of heat, electricity and biofuels. Ukraine, like the Netherlands, is looking for high-quality and reliable alternatives to achieve greater independence from traditional energy sources. The Netherlands can be Ukraine’s ideal partner for cooperation in improving the use of the potential of producing reliable and high quality biomass energy. Compared to other countries, the Netherlands has taken advantage of challenges to identify opportunities and integrated solutions. Dutch solutions are efficient, high-tech, proven by practice and experience and easy to apply. Dutch companies have extensive experience in the research and industrial implementation of various bioenergy technologies: anaerobic digestion, direct combustion, co-incineration, waste energy generation, biofuel production and the development of the bio-oriented economy as a whole.

This seminar was dedicated to exploring collaboration opportunities for the development of joint bioenergy projects in the district heating sector. Ukrainian companies, government institutions and municipal representatives are invited to express their interest and participate in individual B2B business meetings (matchmaking).

Presentations are available here in Ukrainian.