The Horizon 2020 project Bioenergy4Business (B4B)
Period 2015-2017
Financing Horizon 2020
Services Market Research
Sector Agro-biomass and Energy crops Energy efficiency Heat energy from biomass
Location Ukraine
Partners 10 EU countries

Bioenergy4Business is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union. Bioenergy4Business involves partners from twelve EU Member States and Ukraine.

The Horizon 2020 project Bioenergy4Business (B4B) aims at supporting and promoting the (partial) substitution of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, gas) used for heating with available bioenergy sources (such as by-products of the wood-based industry, forest biomass, pellets, straw and other agricultural biomass products) in the project partners’ countries and beyond.

B4B Project started at the beginning of 2015 and during 32 months of it’s realization next events will be conducted: national info days, national policy workshops, training seminars, national field trips and study tours. The detailes of the following events will be informed on SEC Biomass web-site.

Project objectives:

  • To identify the most promising commercial market segments for which a switch from fossil fuels to bioenergy is advisable;
  • To prepare business strategies and models;
  • To deliver know-how on the supply and usage of biomass;
  • To train developers, consultants, heat operators and employees of energy services companies to assess and develop projects in communities with district heating and in sectors with auto-production of heat;
  • To convince stakeholders of the opportunities that are created by local value chains for bioenergy heat;
  • To make the relevant policy makers aware of policy measures that could speed up the bioenergy heat technology diffusion process.

Head of General Bioenergy Issues Division, Tetiana Zheliezna is responsible person for the project realization from Ukrainian side. Tetiana participated in three project meetings: 1) Kick-off Meeting, 12-13 February 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. Aim of the meeting was to discuss the goals, objectives and strategies of the project execution. 2) Progress Meeting, 3-4 September 2015 in Vienna, Austria. Aim of the meeting was to summarize already made and make plans for the future. 3) 3rd working meeting, May 2016, Brussels, Belgium.

Bioheat Profitability Assessment Tool

In the frame of the B4B project the Austrian Energy Agency has developed an innovative, free-of-charge Bioheat Profitability Assessment Tool for the examination of investments in (low temperature) bio-heating systems (for space and domestic hot water as well as process heat). The Calculation Tool allows a broad range of potential users to carry out a pre-feasibility level study for biomass heating systems in a user-friendly manner, however. By means of a discounted cash flow analysis (discounted payment surpluses from the considered investment project), the tool allows a comparison of a bio-heat system with a qualitatively equivalent fossil fuelled heating system. Application areas of this Excel tool are heating systems for individual in-house heat supply, as well as heating systems with hot water pipes for supplying external heat consumers.

To download the latest version of the Bioenergy4Business “Bioheat Profitability Assessment Tool”, please fill out the registration form and follow the short registration procedure. With your registration you allow the programmer of the Tool, the Austrian Energy Agency, to send updates of the tool to all persons registered in case.

Tool for the Calculation of Wood Fuel Parameters

Due to a rising demand in wood fuel, the knowledge of the energy content of customary wood fuel assortments has been gaining in importance in wood fuel trade. In order to facilitate the conversion from prices per volume or weight unit commonly used in forestry and the timber industry to energy prices relevant in the context of energy production, the Austrian Energy Agency has compiled an easy-to-use calculation tool. With only a few required variables the program can quickly calculate the most important parameters for a variety of wood fuel assortments. Download the Tool by the next link.

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