Risk analysis for feedstock supply to the TPP in the urban village of Ivankiv
Period 2013
Financing Biogasenergo Ltd.
Services Consulting Market Research
Sector Electricity from biomass and CHP Heat energy from biomass
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

The analysis of the possibility of feedstock supply (wood waste and wood chips) to the TPP (6+12 MWe) in the urban village of Ivankov was carried out.

  • The potential of wood waste in Kiev and neighboring regions, as well as potential big and small waste suppliers were considered.
  • Possible schemes of the organization of the feedstock logistics were examined.
  • The proposals and technical solutions for ensuring of the feedstock stocking, transport, storing and storage were suggested.
  • Contracts for the feedstock supply for the TPP were analyzed, and the main requirements for the feedstock quality, the conditions for its supply and price were determined.
  • Particular attention was paid to the analysis of the feedstock supply risks, as a result of which the classification of the risks on the basis of SWOT and PEST analyses was proposed.
  • The possible causes of the interruptions in feedstock delivery were considered.
  • The ways to resolve problem situations were suggested.
  • The recommendations for actions to reduce the risks were given.