Inspection of the boiler equipment factory TOV “SET”
Period 2013
Services Consulting
Sector Energy efficiency Heat energy from biomass
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

The main activity of the plant is the production of heating boilers with manual and automatic fuel supply, which works on different types of solid biomass. The range of steel water heating boilers with a capacity of 16-100 kW to 150-1250 kW with a water temperature of up to 90 °C and a working pressure of up to 0.6 MPa. Fuel – wood pellets, fuelwood, peat briquettes. The priority area of ​​activity is the production and sale of boilers from 100 kW and above.

As a result of the survey was obtained detailed information about the legal, financial and organizational aspects of production, in particular: – completed evaluation of logistics of production – completed evaluation of the production process – completed evaluation of production and marketing of products – identified strengths and weaknesses, the risks involved production – cost estimation performed at the enterprise – identified the need for additional measures that require investment.