Feasibility study of the 8 MW biomass boiler room in the municipal district heating system of Chervonograd, Ukraine
Period 2014-2015
Financing FNR
Services Consulting
Sector Heat energy from biomass
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

The implementation of the Project is related to the development of the construction concept and the possibility of further replication of biomass boiler projects. The idea of ​​the project is to attract investments into the renewable energy sector and to develop adjacent markets for the production of solid biofuels in Ukraine.

The feasibility studies conducted relate to studies of market thermal energy, potential and prospects for the use of wood waste, analysis of the state of existing enterprises and market competition, state support and state regulation. Particular attention is given to identifying target markets and customers, as well as defining sales and production of heat and providing boiler fuel. Organizational and technical solutions for the preparation of the construction project relate to the basic technical and technological solutions, schemes and equipment that ensure the reliability of production and supply of thermal energy. The capital and operating costs were estimated, the need for investment was determined, and the technical, economic, financial and investment indicators of the project were determined. The results of previous research can be used in decision making and in the development of the next stages of project implementation.