Assessment of the possibility of installing a plant for the production of biomass thermal energy at the elevator of Agro-Region Group LLC in Boryspil
Period 2017
Financing ЄБРР
Services Consulting Market Research
Sector Heat energy from biomass
Location Ukraine

The implementation of the project involves the installation of a hot air heat generator running on biofuels for the operation of a new grain dryer. The planned volume of drying corn is 60 thousand tons per year. Currently, the supplier of the heat generator is selected, design works are being carried out and work is underway to obtain permits. Within the framework of the conducted researches consultations were given on preparation and organization of construction and operation of equipment, provision of fuel raw materials and improvement of environmental safety.

For the operation of the heat generator as the main fuel is planned to use granules of husks of sunflower. Consideration is given to using better quality low ash fuels – wood pellets and installing a more efficient gas purification system to improve the environmental performance of the project. A list of potential fuel suppliers has been identified and work is underway to conclude supply contracts. It is planned to buy about 1.7 thousand tons of biofuels to support the operation of the heat generator in 2017.