Feasibility study on briquettes production from energy willow for their further use in solid fuel boilers in Murovani Kurylivtsi raion of Vinnytsia oblast
Period 11/2018 – 4/2019
Financing UNDP Project in Ukraine
Services Consulting
Sector Agro-biomass and Energy crops Heat energy from biomass
Location Ukraine

Briquettes production is planned to be run in Murovani Kurylivtsi urban type village of Vinnytsia oblast on the basis of an existing plant for the production of wood pellets. The need for biofuels is about 1300 tons per year (the productivity of the briquetting equipment is 500 kg/h taking into account of an accepted routine of work). The main feedstock used to produce briquettes is biomass from willow grown on the energy plantation. Willow will be planted on 120 hectares of marginal lands.