First National Information Day in the framework of Bioenergy for Business Project (B4B)
Period 2015-2017
Financing Horizon 2020
Services Organization of Seminars
Sector Biogas and biomethane Electricity from biomass and CHP Energy efficiency Liquid biofuels Heat energy from biomass
Location Ukraine
Partners 10 EU countries

On March 25, 2016 the first National Information Day on Bioenergy for Business was held. The purpose of the event was to present the project “Bioenergy for Business” (B4B). Presentation and discussion of current results of the project implementation in the context of development of thermal bioenergy in Ukraine.

The International Bioenergy for Business project promotes (partial) replacement of fossil fuels (eg coal, oil, gas) used for heating by available biomass resources (eg, by-products of the wood industry, forest biomass, pellets, straw and other residues) ) in the European Union and beyond. The Bioenergy for Business project demonstrates to investors and consumers how to use biomass in an energy-efficient and cost-effective way. The project focuses on the following main areas: (I) Utilization of sound business models and financial models, (II) Creating a supportive environment, (III) Careful evaluation and implementation of biomass heat production projects for district heating and for the producer’s own needs.

Presentations are available here in Ukrainian.