Development of technical solutions for the reconstruction of SELNIKEL (Turkey) steam boiler operating on a sunflower husk
Period 2011
Services Consulting
Sector Heat energy from biomass
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

Financing organization / partner: Organizational food-adjustment, Kiev.

Objective: To develop technical solutions to increase the operating parameters of the SELNIKEL steam boiler model OYB / A, which is installed in the IM Trans-Oil Refinery industrial oil extraction plant in Ciadir Lunga, Republic of Moldova, which uses sunflower husk as fuel.

The project provides for the installation of a convective superheater to increase the temperature of superheated steam to 225 °C and a water economizer in order to increase the boiler’s steam output up to 10 t/h. As part of the reconstruction of the boiler, technical solutions have been developed to increase the efficiency of burning husks in a furnace with a lower fuel supply, as well as measures to extend the life of equipment items. Particular attention in the project was paid to the issues of cleaning heating surfaces, ash removal and increasing the period between cleanings.