PDD “Landfill gas capture and utilization at Chernihiv MSW landfill”
Period 2008
Services Market Research
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

The proposed Project includes capturing LFG and supplying it to the nearby district-heating boiler-house for heat (hot water and steam) production.

Main project goals:
  1. Reduction of the GHG methane emission into the atmosphere from Chernihiv municipal solid waste
    (MSW) landfill.
  2. Substitution of the fossil fuel — natural gas — by LFG energy use at one of the boiler house of
    Chernihiv district heating network.
  3. Improvement of the atmospheric air conditions and general environment quality at the territories
    situated near the MSW landfill.

Project applicant: C6 Capital, UK

Expected GHG emission reductions:

GHG emission reductions for the period 2009-2012: 263 100 t СО2-eq.

Main parameters Thermal energy produсtion
Total project cost, EUR 1 720 000
Annual operation cost (average for 2009-2020) EUR/year 103 000
Financial parameters Without ERUs With ERUs
IRR, % 3,3 57,1
NPV, EUR 333 560 2 126 490
Simple payback period, years 8,5 2,4