Construction of biogas collection and utilization systems at Chernihiv MSW landfill
Period 2010-2011
Services Market Research
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

Objective: selection of technological schemes and circuitries for design of full-scale collection systems

Project description:

Design of collection system at municipal solid waste landfill of Сhernihiv city

Project activities:

  • Assessment of potential and modelling of gas generation at MSW landfill
  • Development and introduction of technological schemes for biogas collection and utilization
  • PIN/PDD development

Place of implementation: MSW landfill of Chernihiv city, Ukraine

Main project parameters
Number of wells: 56 vertical wells and 4 km of horizontal collectors
Average LFG flow rate: 300-500 m3/h
Average CH4 content in LFG: 50 %
Expected GHG emission reductions: 50 th. t СО2-eq./year

Total project cost: EUR 1,5 million
Utilization of LFG: LFG supply to communal boiler-house, combustion in a flaring stack.