Integrated European Network for Biomass Co-firing – NetbioCof. The project of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission
Period 2006-2007
Services Market Research
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

NetbioCof is a Co-ordination Action project co-funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme. The primary aim of NetbioCof is to promote European co-operation between research organisations devoted to biomass co-firing, fostering the uptake of innovative technologies to expand the use of biomass co-firing in new and existing power plants, with emphasis in the New Member States. Today, the accession of the 12 new members to the EU 27 brings a new opportunity for the development of biomass co-firing, due to the fossil fuels combustion infrastructure already installed, the land availability for energy crops and the current dependency on imported fossil fuels.

Project tasks

  • Evaluation of the current State-of-the-Art and identification of best practices and/or successful experiences in Biomass co-firing in Europe.
  • Assessment of on-going research on Biomass co-firing and identification of gaps in knowledge, barriers for cooperation in research and scientific and technological needs.
  • Legal framework and identification of technical and non-technical barriers for Biomass co-firing implementation.
  • Coordination of research and development by means of exchange of personnel, among others.
  • Roadmap of scientific, technological and non-technological strategies for implementing and widening the use of biomass co-firing in Europe.
  • Dissemination and exploitation by means of holding of local seminars about biomass co-firing, participation in external conferences representing NetbioCof Project and NetbioCof publications, among others.

Key results

  • Co-ordination of current research on Biomass co-firing in Europe and recommendations for future research.
  • Formation of research clusters according to the fields of work and the scientific knowledge of their members.
  • Continuation of the on-line database platform about biomass co-firing in the NetbioCof web-page. One representative per research cluster will be chosen in order to keep on holding the webpage and to perform the future cooperation.
  • Eight publishable articles related to hot topics and to workpackages outputs.
  • A successful Final NetbioCof Conference with the serious purpose of the network solidification by means of funding sources detection/obtaining at national or European level. With the funding periodic biomass co-firing conferences will be organised.

Project partners