JI project “Utilization of sunflower seeds husk for steam and power production at the oil extraction plant OJSC Kirovogradoliya”
Period 2009
Services Market Research
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

It is fist and the only for today operating and power generating project utilizing biomass on the territory of Ukraine.

Project foresees substitution of natural gas by biomass via replacement of old boilers with new boilers operating on sunflower seed husk. Steam turbine Velkobites (Czech Republic) has been installed at the enterprise for power generation. Core business of the Plant is processing of sunflower seeds and production of pressed and extracted edible oil. The enterprise is one of the leading companies in oil extraction market in Ukraine. Kirovograd EOP has production capacities of 75,000 tons of edible oil per year, which ranks it #2 in the respective industry of Ukraine. Total number of employees is 727.

The main project objective is the reconstruction of energy supply system of the Edible Oil Plant – OJSC ‘Kirovogradoliya – by construction of Combined Heat and Power Plant fuelled by solid biomass (sunflower seed husk). The Enterprise plans to double its production capacity, which will increase its heat and power demand. All husk collected by the Enterprise after extension of its production capacity will be used for energy production. The project purpose is to satisfy own needs of the Enterprise in heat and power by husk combustion and consequently to avoid as much as possible consumption of fossil fuels and purchasing power from the grid, and also to avoid disposal of any amount of husk at the landfill.

Total estimated GHG emission reduction over 2008-2012 – 190 thousand tonnes of CO2equivalent.

Reduction of CO2e by JI project takes place due to the following measures:

  • Reduction of natural gas consumption comparing to baseline scenario due to using of CO2 neutral fuel (sunflower seeds husk) to cover heat demand of the Enterprise.
  • Reduction of fossil fuels combustion at the grid-connected power plants, due to partly covering of Enterprise power demands by operation of new CHP plant.
  • Stop of the sunflower seeds dumping at the landfill and thus the avoidance of methane emissions due to anaerobic decomposition of the husk.

SEC “Biomass” is developer of the whole set of project design documentation, as well as provides assistance for project implementation, its monitoring, verification, and transfer of achieved emission reductions.

Technical characteristics of the project:

Fuel type: sunflower seeds husk
Fuel consumption: 80 000 t/year
Boilers efficiency: 86%
Number of installations: 3
Total heat output: 36.45 MWth
Total steam productivity: 48 t/h
Outlet steam pressure: 36 bar
Turbine Type: condensing turbine
Electrical efficiency: 31 %
Electricity output: 1.7 MWe
Steam pressure: 39 bar
Nominal operating: 8000 h/year