Ukraine energy efficiency programme (UKEEP)
Period 2006
Services Market Research
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

SEC “Biomass” experts have been performing technical consultancy services for over 5 years under UKEEP. UKEEP is a credit facility developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), targeting Ukrainian private companies in all sectors looking to invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy projects – investments that will decrease energy consumption, increase own energy production or make energy usage more efficient. UKEEP provides free technical assistance by international energy efficiency experts for companies with project ideas that are eligible for UKEEP financing.

If a project idea is found feasible, UKEEP can provide debt financing for the project. Under the Programme experts of our Department jointly with representatives of foreign companies performed energy audits for numerous Ukrainian enterprises, e.g. JSC “Kovelselmash” (Kovel city), “Oiltrade Ltd.” (Zaporizhia city), “Terkuriy Ltd.” (Ternopil city), “Galka Ltd.” (Lviv city), “JSC Kherson Shipbuilding facility”, “JSC Ichnianskiy concentrated-milk facility”, “Edelweiss-Prikarpattia Ltd.” (Ivanofrankivsk oblast), “Ukrainian thermal insulation company Ltd.” (Kostopil city), “JSC Berislav cheese “facility”, “JSC Poultry processing plant Dneprovskiy” (Nikopol city), “JSC Landgut broiler” (Donetsk oblast), JLLC “Poultry farm Zugresskiy” (Donetsk oblast), “JSC Food company Podolie” (Kryzhopil town), “JSC Food company Zaria Podolia” (Gaysyn town), “JSC Tekhnolog” (Uman city), “Kyivguma Ltd.”, “JSC Pervomaysk milk-processing facility” (Pervomaysk city), “Energomash plant” (Kharkiv city). For more details please see