Entering year: 2006

Education: Heat-and-Power Engineer (National Technique University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, 1999), Ph.D. (NTUU “KPI”, 2004). Thesis is devoted to transfer processes at drops interaction in turbulent polydisperse flows.

Specialization: Combustion technologies for the purpose of generating heat energy, development of furnace plants and hot water boilers, test operation.

Work experience.

Development of straw fired boiler of 100 – 350 kW for the combustion of straw bales; Development of milled peat combustion technology in boilers up to 1 MW; Carried out studies in the frames of International project EUREKA, CRDF, STCU, Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

Previous work experience: 7 years at General Energy Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The systems analysis of power technologies with disperse streams and development of the methods enhancing their efficiency. Development of the theory of heat and mass transfer in heterogeneous media and development of the methods of optimization of power technologies with a two-phase working medium. Forecasting of the development of technologies of a fuel and energy complex and creation of an electronic database.