Head of Kyoto Protocol and Energy Efficiency Department

Entering year: 2008

Education: Industrial Heat Engineer, National University of Food Technologies, 1991, speciality – industrial heat engineering, PhD. (defense of dissertation in 2003). Dissertation is devoted to the improving of juice production technologies in the sugar industry.

Specialization: Joint Implementation projects development, projects of energy efficiency enhancing at the enterprises.

Working experience:

Previous: Research and Development activity, new technologies elaboration, implementation of measures aimed on improving of technological schemes of sugar industry. Assessment of biofuel utilization in sugar industry. Analysis of heat utilization, heat energy cost price, control and monitoring of energy carriers consumption, payments for supplied energy, drawing up the schemes of measures aimed on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of heat energy supplying enterprises (i.e. communal enterprise “Vishnevskteploenergo”). Working path from junior scientists to deputy director.

Within the SEC “Biomass” firm:

  • Ukrainian Energy Efficiency Programme (UKEEP) (mainly energy audits at 9 industrial objects);
  • Moldovan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility — (MoSEFF);
  • Feasibility study for district heating system rehabilitation in L’viv city;
  • Feasibility study for district heating system rehabilitation in Vinnitsa city;
  • Feasibility study for district heating system rehabilitation in Zaporizhzhya city;
  • State of the art of the Ukrainian solid biomass market;
  • JI project monitoring and support “Utilization of wood waste for steam production at wood-working and fiberboard plant Uniplyt, Ltd.”;
  • JI project monitoring and support “Utilization of sunflower seeds husk for steam and power production at oil-extraction plant OJSC “Kirovogradoliya”;
  • Ukraine Carbon Market Facilitation Programme;
  • JI project PIN “Replacement of natural gas by biomass at Vatutino refractory materials combinate”;
  • Training Program on Carbon Finance Mechanisms in Ukraine in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbajdjan.

Foreign languages: fluent English


Tel: +38 (044) 456-94-62

E-mail: kramar@secbiomass.com