The first step in the transition to renewable energy in Novovolynsk city, Ukraine
Period 2016
Financing Novovolynsk city local budget
Services Consulting
Sector Heat energy from biomass
Location Novovolynsk, Ukraine

Financing organization: local budget

The feasibility study of the alternative part of the Novovolynsk project was implemented within the framework of the project “The first step in the transition to the use of renewable energy in Novovolynsk” through the EU SUDeP project.

The proposed project is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the consumption of natural gas. Within the framework of the project, three alternative options for the reconstruction of the gas boiler were analyzed and the optimal solution was chosen – replacement of natural gas with biomass for the production of thermal energy. The organization of sustainable production of heat from biomass, which is a local renewable energy source, is intended to attract investments in the modernization of technological park of heat generating equipment, create new jobs and provide consumers with access to heat energy, build the local economy in compliance with environmental indicators.