Accompanying Measure to Encourage Biomass Uptake and Assist Technology Transfer of EU Biomass/ Biomass Waste Utilisation Technologies to China, and Central and Eastern Europe – Identification of 10 bioenergy projects for the project portfolio
Period 2002-2003
Financing European Commission, FP5
Services Market Research
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

Project coordinator: EMC Environment Engineering, United Kingdom.

The primary objectives of the project are:

  • To integrate EU energy policy and market opportunities in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries with particular relevance to the Kyoto objectives, the EC White Paper on Renewable Energy, the Campaign for Take-off and the Green Paper on Energy Security.
  • To contribute to a reduction of barriers in the exploitation of the biomass opportunities in the countries of CEE and a consequent reduction in cost for biomass energy alternatives.
  • To develop strategies for CO2 reduction, thereby enhancing Joint Implementation and Carbon Trading possibilities and GEF funding in the selected CEE countries.
  • To quantify the potential for transferring EU technologies to China for the increased utilisation of biomass and biomass-derived waste material.
  • To establish the basis for subsequent demonstration of such technologies in China.
  • To aid the competitiveness of European industry in the Chinese market, and help to stabilise levels of trans-national greenhouse gases.


  • EMC Environment Engineering Limited (United Kingdom);
  • Technical Research Centre of Finland – VTT;
  • EXERGIA, Energy, Management and Information Technology Consultants S.A. (Greece);
  • Aston University (United Kingdom);
  • BTG Biomass Technology Group B.V. (the Netherlands);
  • BTG Baltic OUE (Estonia);
  • EC BREC Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej (Poland);
  • Cesky svaz ochrancu prirody – ZO VERONICA (The Czech Republic);
  • Slovak Biomass Energy Center (Slovak Biomass Energy Center);
  • Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass” (Ukraine).