Biogas collection and utilization system at MSW landfill in Primorskiy district of Mariupol
Services Market Research
Location Ukraine
Partners Ukraine

Utilization of LFG:

1-2 gas engines cogeneration of 625 kWt each, combustion in a closed flaring stack.

Main parameters of LFG collection system.

Number of wells: 44

Avarage LFG flow rate: 400-600 m3/h

Avarage CH4 content in LFG: 50%

Expected GHG emission reduction: 30 th. t CO2-eq/yr

Total ERUs for the period 2010-2012: 80 th. t CO2-eq

Total project costs: EUR 2.0 million

Execution period: 07-12/2009

Current status: in use